John Hattingh, CP, LPO, CPO(SA), is licensed and trained in the Revolimb, a micro-adjustable prosthetic limb that allows you to instantly control the fit of your socket without ever having to remove it. You can easily customize the    fit, feel and performance of your prosthesis by fine-tuning socket compression around your limb

John fabricates the Revolimb by customizing the floating panels around your limb. Precision placement of these adjustable panels allows them to flow with your changing body and your changes needs. The panels are lined with custom pads for soft, smooth compression and exceptional comfort. Your ability to tighten or release the contours of your socket puts you in control of your comfort and fit.

For more information about the Revolimb, contact John Hattingh at Prosthetic Care Facility of Virginia, (703) 723-2803.

Revofit Transtibial Design

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