Joy Clays

“Through it all, I’ve been an athlete,” declares Californian Joy Clays.

By through it all, Joy means two knee replacements, multiple infections and surgeries, and eventual amputation of her left leg above the knee.

The 33-year-old will not let her amputation keep her down. “I’ve been an athlete my entire life and I’m slowly getting back to it,” she said. “I’ve been in competitive body building, long-distance cycling, jogging/running, and power lifting. I want to just get back to what I did before.”

Assisting in this endeavor is John Hattingh,…


Mathias Giordano

Mathias Giordano

In July 2012, the Giordano family’s life took a harsh, unexpected turn and they were forced to make decisions they never thought they would face.

After their son Mathias, an avid soccer player, repeatedly complained about pain in his shin, his parents, Roya and Chris, took him to his pediatrician. An X-ray led to an MRI and the discovery of a tumor in his shin bone. A biopsy confirmed osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone. Since then, Mathias has undergone numerous rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to amputate his leg, and…


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